powerMolding Two-platen Hydraulic Injection Molding

Activelyrespond to growing market demand across logistics packaging, automobile,electrical appliances and other industries, enablingquality and efficiency improvement.

The powerMolding two-platen hydraulic machine includes the fullseries of five models 650/850/1100/1300/1600. The innovative modular designensures stable operation and more flexible application, which meets thecustomers' increasing requirements for precision injection molding and cycletime improvement, enhances quality and efficiency, responds to increasinglydiversified industry demands efficiently. 

● As automobile has a long lifecycleand a complex environment, powerMolding two-platen hydraulic machine guaranteesthe process and standardization of parts design and manufacture, ensures theuniversality of products, and has high yield rate for scaled production.

● Thespecial screw geometric design meets the characteristics of high surfaceappearance requirements, strong decoration and fast product replacement in thehousehold appliance industry.

● Excellent mechanical and physicalparameters provide greater mold filling capacity for deep cavity or wide mold,which meets the needs of logistics packaging products in large size, stablestructure and recyclable use.

● Thanks to flexible options and modularcombination, powerMolding can be used in the production of various complexstructural components such as smart homes and electric tools.