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New KraussMaffei plant in Laatzen: Project developer VGP hands over keys


  • A new chapter in KraussMaffei’s history

  • Main focus of the new plant: extrusion systems and recycling technology

  • Customerbenefit: “Smart Factory” shortens delivery time

(Munich, Germany,  1September 2022) After two years of construction, KraussMaffei receives the keysfor the new site in Laatzen near Hanover from project developer VGP. Coveringan area of around 97,000 m², the new plant offers space for up to 750 workplacesfor the production of extrusion systems and recycling equipment for theplastics and rubber processing industries。

Dr.Michael Ruf, KraussMaffei’s CEO, says he is thrilled that „with thecommissioning of this ultra-modern site now underway, we are opening a newchapter in the 184-year history of KraussMaffei. In our new extrusion and recyclingtechnology center, we are placing an even stronger focus on circular economy.This means that in Laatzen we are going to develop new solutions to makerecycling processes even more efficient and thus more attractive. For example,we are going to work on a variety of digital products designed to optimize theenergy efficiency of our customers' machine utilization,” Ruf continues.

Relocationstarted in July and is expected to be completed by December. During the entirerelocation period, production is continued.

JanVan Geet, CEO of the VGP Group emphasizes: “After the sites in Einbeck nearGöttingen and Parsdorf near Munich, the new plant in Laatzen is the thirdproject for which KraussMaffei has partnered with VGP to benefit from ourexperience and expertise. And we are very pleased about this. It makes us proudto be part of the largest investment and modernization program in the historyof this traditional company, but at the same time our involvement is also amission and commitment for us. We support KraussMaffei in implementing theirvision of a ‘new KraussMaffei’, but at the same time we use our technicalexpertise to live our own vision of ‘improving building design for asustainable future’.

TheSmart Factory established in Laatzen impresses with consistently networkedproduction, data processing in real time, process visualization and dataevaluation. The use of state-of-the-art machine tools significantly increasesefficiency in production. Manufacturing times for extrusion components aresimultaneously reduced, so that customers will benefit from shorter deliverytimes. “In the new Laatzen plant, all extrusion technologies – from pipe andprofile extrusion through sheet and flat film extrusion to rubber and foamextrusion – as well as compounding and recycling technologies are combined at asingle location,” explains Dieter Thewes, CEO of KraussMaffei Extrusion GmbH,emphasizing the benefits of the new site.

Inaddition to the new office and production buildings, KraussMaffei hasestablished a Customer Experience Center for customers and visitors. At thesame time, an Innovation Center is available for technical trials performedwithin the frame of customer-specific projects. Demanding and complex extrusionapplications can be tested here on up to 26 lines under realistic productionconditions.

 “Ivery much appreciate that an innovative and forward-looking organization likeKraussMaffei has found a new home in Laatzen. A company on its way to becominga Smart Factory fits perfectly into a city that is preparing to become a SmartCity,” says Kai Eggert, mayor of the city of Laatzen.

Themove from Hanover to Krauss-Maffei-Straße in Laatzen is part of the newlocation strategy of the long-established Munich company – involving therelocation of four sites to larger and more modern production facilities. Thenew plants in JiaXing (near Shanghai) and in Einbeck (near Göttingen) havealready been in operation since 2020. In Einbeck, KraussMaffei's subsidiaryBurgsmüller produces important core components for extruders. Also this year,KraussMaffei will move into the new headquarters in Parsdorf, east of Munich.The leading manufacturer of machinery and solutions for the plastics processingindustry invests a total of three-digit millions of euros in its new productionsites.